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Voitures et motos du futur

Mikhail Smolyanov de Moscou crée les concept-cars et modèles motos qui deviennent de plus en plus populaire à l’étranger. Découvrez quelques-unes de ses œuvres.

et voici une très belle listes de quelque concept


The Steampunk Style v.1.

The Steampunk Style v.2 final.

The Steampunk Chopper ‘Black Widow’.

The GAZ 51hr.

The C-Org. Some of the component parts of this concept can be grown from organic substances. Later, after an implantation of hardware parts and a special treatment, the construction will become firm and very light.

The UAZ 452. Modified… a little bit.

The s BBT. V8 with a mechanical supercharger. The concept has no dashboard. All information is shown on the screen of the helmet via wireless technology. The rear wheel is double. Equipped with a chain drive.

The GL-1m. The project was designed to order of A. Bushuev  who made a replica of the GL1 automobile and who is going to design the GL-2. Initially, they were going to create a motorcycle matching the car GL-1.

The ARX-4 Steampunk.

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